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The first Nizams store was opened in 1956 in Marabastad, Pretoria.

Due to the demand to open more Nizams, a franchise division was developed and the expertise of Mr. Eric Parker, (former chairman of FASA), assisted by Franchising Plus and Deloitte and Touch.

Nizams is a member of FASA , and senior management of Nizams are representatives at FASA meetings.

Several more company owned stores were opened in the 90's in Soweto, Katlehong, and Daveyton to test Nizams business formula in different areas. All the stores above are still operating.

Once our business test formula in these sites was proved and the franchise concept was finalized in mid 1998, we launched our Nizams Franchise opportunity at various Franchise Expo’s. Nizams was chosen as an ideal case study at all these Expo seminars.

Today Nizams have 50 stores in various parts of South Africa (Gauteng, Northern Province, Mpumalanga , North West Kwazulu Natal).


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